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Initially manufactured and marketed by Indeco North

America and Indeco Australia, the Indeco IBS Boom System

soon had a strong impact on many other markets, having

already proven to save time and money in many a quarry

and mine, where it is used to reduce bridged and oversized

material which could slow down crushing operations.

Mounted over the mouth of a primary crusher, the boom

system enables the hammer to reach into the mouth of the

crusher, reducing oversized boulders as well as clearing any

blockages in the hopper. Various remote-control systems

enable the operator to maneuver the boom from the cabin.

By doing so, plant down times can be safely eliminated.

Our experience in the Australian and pan-American markets

has enabled Indeco to develop a range of boom systems

with outstanding reliability, ruggedness, productivity and


Indeco IBS boom systems, made from extra-strength steel

alloys, are tailor-made, and are designed according to the

individual requirements and specifications set out by the


Features of

Indeco boom systems

The electro-hydraulic proportional control valve |1|

ensures greater efficiency and precision of movement.

The hydraulic connections to the cylinders |2| are

positioned laterally to provide greater protection

against breakage.

The hydraulic cylinders, |3| designed and manufactured

by the Indeco technical division to exclusive

specifications, are oversized to provide maximum power

and hydraulic efficiency and ensure greater reliability

even in demanding applications.

The rotating distributor |4| for the hydraulic fittings,

exclusive to the IBS series, is located inside the base

of the arm, ensuring true 360° rotation as there are no

hoses to get in the way of movement.

Unlike many competing products, the Indeco IBS boom

systems are designed and manufactured to be very

similar to excavators, not only in terms of their design,

but also in their use of special extra-strength steel alloys

|5| that provide the best weight/power ratio in the

market, thus ensuring versatility and reliability.

Special reinforced box sections |6| inside the boom

make it more rugged, and more resistant to torsion and


The entire hydraulic line mounted on the arm, including

the outlet and inlet hoses to the hammer, is made up of

high-pressure hoses |7|.

The sintered bronze and aluminium bushings |8|, along

with the special-steel pins, are heat treated, which

increases their strength and also have special greasing


The mounting base |9| for the IBS boom is particularly

robust and oversized for maximum durability.

Anti-drop and load control valves |10|, mounted on

the cylinders, prevent the boom from accidentally

collapsing and at the same time improve safety.

Access panels |11| to the rotation motor and to the

hydraulic distribution system facilitate maintenance.

Here at Indeco we use computational tools such as

FEA - Finite Element Analysis - to perform structural and

stress tests, making it possible to test and improve the

product before the start of the manufacturing process.



Protected connections

to cylinders

Oversize long-stroke

high-pressure cylinders

Anti-drop and load control valves


hydraulic hoses



control valve

Access panels for maintenance



distributor for maximum

rotation angle

Heat treated and greased pins

and bushings

Oversized mounting base



steel frame

Oversize long-stroke



Heat treated

and greased pins

and bushings

Special torsion


Heat treated and

greased pins and



Indeco IBS boom systems are available with three different types of rotation, for maximum flexibility, depending on the type

of job they are used for.


side hydraulic pistons

150° rotation uses two oversize hydraulic pistons working

in sequence, to ensure better performance and greater

rotational power.


hydraulic actuator

true 180° rotation using a special hydraulic actuator

designed and manufactured exclusively by Indeco, provides

greater versatility and application in a wider work area.


slewing ring and hydraulic motor

360° rotation with a fifth wheel and pinion and planetary

gear units for maximum operating flexibility makes the

Indeco IBS similar to an excavator boom.

How to choose

the boom system

HP model

Choice of Hydraulic Power Pack / ECU


choice based on

based on the required power to be installed

• Type of work

• Type of material

• Boulder size

• Production targets

• Working area (type and size

of crusher and system)

• Working surface and excavation


• 150°/180°/360° rotation

• Number of joints (2 or 3)

choice based on

IBS model

On Board

three-phase electric motor


electrical panel with soft starter inverter

*Lengths can be customized according to the customer’s requirements

IBS 62

IBS 76

IBS 94

IBS 116

IBS 143

IBS 33

IBS 50

IBS 40

Power Pack




Maximum Horizontal Reach (ft)*
















IBS 33-550

IBS 33-550

IBS 33-550

IBS 33-550

IBS 33-1100

IBS 33-1100

IBS 33-1100

IBS 33-1500

IBS 33-1500

IBS 40-500

IBS 40-500

IBS 40-500

IBS 40-500

IBS 40-1100

IBS 40-1100

IBS 40-1100

IBS 40-1500

IBS 40-1500

IBS 40-2000

IBS 40-2000

IBS 50-1100

IBS 50-1100

IBS 50-1100

IBS 50-1500

IBS 50-1500

IBS 50-2000

IBS 50-2000

IBS 62-1500

IBS 62-1500

IBS 62-2000

IBS 62-2000

IBS 62-4000

IBS 62-4000

IBS 76-2000

IBS 76-2000

IBS 76-4000

IBS 76-4000

IBS 76-6000

IBS 76-6000

IBS 94-4000

IBS 94-4000

IBS 94-6000

IBS 94-6000

IBS 94-10000

IBS 94-10000

IBS 116-4000

IBS 116-4000

IBS 116-6000

IBS 116-6000

IBS 116-10000

IBS 116-10000

IBS 143-4000

IBS 143-4000

IBS 143-6000

IBS 143-6000

IBS 143-10000

IBS 143-10000

HP 550

HP 350

HP 200

HP 150

HP 800


HP 1000


HP 1100


HP 1250


HP 1500


HP 1800


HP 2000


HP 3000


HP 4000


HP 4500


HP 6000


HP 7500


HP 10000







Indeconnect system

New remote monitoring system, based on the principles

of the Internet of Things, to prevent equipment

obsolescence and keep high performance.

The ‘Indeconnect’ |1| system consists of a device

equipped with 4G technology for a wireless connection

to the network, to be mounted on the equipment,

and a cloud-based web platform you can access from

mobile devices (with an app) or from PC, that lets you

view the data transmitted in real time by each installed

device: working hours, working position in space,

hydraulic oil temperature, ambient temperature,

GPS position, and more.

Through Indeconnect you can:

• Monitor productivity, making sure each Indeco tool

is working as intended

• Check operations, verifying in real time the various

internal and external parameters of the equipment to

make sure that it is used in optimal conditions and


• Increase security, by remotely checking the position

of the equipment through GPS

• Plan maintenance, monitoring the health of each

Indeco tool in real time, also through the automatic

alert and messaging system that lets you order spare

parts and reduce machine downtime to a minimum

• Optimise rental, by supervising and monitoring the

management of rented equipment.

Three articulations

The Indeco hydraulic boom can be made with three

articulations |2| so as to increase the working area when

the hammer is in a vertical position, to reach inaccessible

positions under the mounting base, and to increase

versatility of use.

Automatic greasing kit for boom and hammer

Optimises grease consumption, cutting out the machine

down times once needed to lubricate moving parts.

The kit includes a programmable pumping unit pack |3|,

hoses and hammer and boom fittings.

The system increases the service life of all the ball

bushings on the boom and in the moving parts of the


Control system

The Indeco IBS has a highly efficient control system with

an electro-hydraulic proportional valve.

Indeco has designed two different types:

• remote control |4|, with a special cable up to 300 ft in


• wireless remote control |5| for distances of up to 100 ft.

Heat exchanger

High-efficiency radiator |6| and auxiliary cooling fan

to keep the oil temperature constant even in extreme

operating conditions.

Oil warmer

At very low working temperatures and in cold climates,

the oil warmer |7| keeps the oil temperature constant.

Oil level indicator

Indicator |8| which warns the operator when the oil level

is too low.

Temperature indicator

Indicator |9| which warns the operator when the

temperature is too high.

1 |

2 |

5 |

6 |

4 |

3 |

Hydraulic feed pumps

There are three types of hydraulic feed pumps |10|:

• gear pumps, for operating pressures of up to 2900 psi

• axial piston pumps for operating pressures of over

2900 psi

• variable displacement pumps with load sensing.

9 |

10 |

8 |

7 |

Application areas

IBS| Boom system


Mining and Quarry

Preliminary works

Secondary demolition

Primary rock breaking

• Overburden removal

• Bench, road & ramp leveling

• Roof, face & rib scaling

• Boulder reduction in rock pile

• Removing blockages

at crushing systems

• Selective rock breaking

• Blast free mining


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HP 800

HP 1000

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